Thank you for all of the Cub Design fans! I have been receiving a lot of requests for me to post some information about HTML5.

HTML5 is a GREAT tool and hopefully will become the future soon. Now, even there are many websites that have created their website in HTML5 there are many reasons I would suggest for people to wait to use this tool.

In order to make this simple this to understand, let’s pretend that we took an iPhone back to the year 1990. If you tried to use an iPhone then, you would not be able to use most of its features such as: Wi-Fi, App Store, HD Video Recording, you would barely be able to make a wireless phone call.

Now, HTML5 is not as far advanced as an iPhone would be in the 1990′s but that is the general idea of HTML5 currently. Most of HTML5 features work in current browsers but there are some essential features such as



As much as it sounds that I am opposed to HTML5, I use many of its features in most of the sites I am creating. Remember just because you don’t have an HTML5 site does not mean that you can’t use its features. I am a huge advocate for people incorporating HTML5 into their site, especially since some of the advanced features are viewable across all devices.