New Design Launched

We have finished the redesign for Process Components, Inc. We have been receiving wonderful feedback and look forward to seeing their exposure increase on the internet. To see their new website, go to See our web design portfolio to see other sites we’ve designed. Contact us if you are interested in having a professional website designed for you or organization. Cub Designs is a Houston web design, graphic design and online marketing company that works hard for you.

Update coming soon!

New UpdateDuring the Month of December we will post a major new update. We are excited about our new update and hope that this new feature will be “useful” to you. E-mail me at for additional information or to request a specific update. In addition to the new updates,

I will also be upgrading the portfolio soon, that will include 3 new websites. I would like to give a special thank you to everyone who has supported Cub Designs. We keep improving because of you.

-Jose Carranco

Cascading Style Sheets

The internet has evolved a lot since its creation in the late 60′s. When it was first created it was mainly created to just transfer text information. Of course, today we expect images, videos, live chat, instantly!

About 15 years ago, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) was created in order to help people add “color” to their website. It is extremely important to keep up to date with CSS, it is a crucial element to styling your page and website. It can be your best friend when creating a website, but if you don’t understand it then you will have a really hard time styling your page especially when you start running into browser compatibility issues.


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