Promote Your Website Offline

Offline Marketing
It is easy to sometimes get caught up with with optimizing your website for search engines in order to reach new viewers. It is just as important to promote your website offline. Although it is very important to optimize your website for search engines, you can build a nice returning visitor rate by building a relationship with viewers. Promoting your website offline is easy and cost-effective.

Your Site on Paper

Many of you who have websites already own business cards, do invoices, give people some type of paper. Make sure you add your website in an obvious area where people can see your site. Add it to your business cards, invoice statements, estimates, faxes, brochures, thank you cards… etc.

Go to “Coffee Shops”

When I say go to coffee shops, I mean go to places where you can hang out and meet other people. This technique is perfect for people who love to be social. Show your site for others, get feedback and tell your potential customer a little about yourself. Remember that you are that to expose your product not necessarily sell. You don’t want to solicit your product, you want to build a customer relationship. You will meet all sorts of creative people and you will notice that your site viewership will increase with the more people you talk to. Remember people like to put a face with things, and they are more likely to remember websites after having a nice cup of coffee with you.

Promote Your Site and Do A Good Cause

If you are a company who can afford to sponsor non-profit events, it is well worth the money to do a sponsorship. If you sponsor an event you are likely to be put in a program with other sponsors and your company’s goodwill will increase. If you don’t have the funds to give a nonprofit, ask if you could help them in other areas such as promotional items, do a trade with them such as, you send an email to you subscribers promoting their event and they send an email promoting your brand. Nonprofits are always looking for help and generally they are great to work with.

Do Interviews

People are always looking for things to blog, review, write. Find people who would like to write about your product or company. You accomplish two things when doing so, 1) You are building a relationship with a potential direct customer or potential customer channel and 2) If they link up to your site then you are creating back links to your site.

There are other ways to do offline marketing such as billboards and bumper stickers but the list above shows how you can promote your site on a budget. For more information on how to promote your website visit our website at Sign-Up for our Newsletter here to receive great tutorials on Web Design, Development, and Marketing.

New Design


Drawing website

If you visited when we first launched in August,then you probably have noticed that we have changed our layout. We are constantly improving user experience and thank everyone who has supported us in the last four months. We are proud to announce that we have helped 15 customers within those four months and we are still growing! We are excited for the 2012 year and look forward to adding new features to our site to make your experience more enjoyable. Check out our portfolio to see the some of our latest work!

Google+ opens its services for Businesses

Google+ for Businesses
It is true that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Yelp, Digg, and many more have helped companies large and small interact with customers.

Google has just launched a new service to its recent launch of Google+ for businesses. Cub Designs created their page today and gives Google two thumbs up for its launch (Click here to view Cub Design’s Google+ page). Even though there are still some features that Google could do to make it even more user friendly, Google has made a very impressionable start to help businesses. Google+ currently has over 40 million users and the amount of users continue to increase at a much faster pace than any other social network launch. Contact Cub Designs today so we can feature your page on different social networks including Google+. It is important to evaluate your website, and decide which social networks work well with the direction you are heading towards.

*Caution* – Be mindful to the users visiting your website and don’t bombard them with too many social network buttons.