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I have been extremely interested in computers and programming since I was a kid. I have had a great opportunity to help out many individuals establish a professional image either for themselves or for their company. To sum everything up, I love web design, but I love the help I am able to provide more.

Web Browsers


A question was brought to me the other day from a person who manages his own website, and I thought it was important to explain a few things about web browsers. I also want to explain a few things about how to try to maintain a consistency among browsers. If you would like to be up to date with which browser is most used and which features are being added with browser updates then check the w3.org.

Browser Compatibility

This is probably the hardest part of designing and developing websites. What you see in Safari, is not the same you see in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or any other browser. One of the obvious ways you can notice a difference is if you notice the font. If you open a website in Safari, then Internet Explorer you will see that there are slight differences in the font. There are many things that are different but font is a very obvious way to notice that browsers don’t all show up the same way on every browser. To make things even more complicated, the way you see a website in Internet Explorer 9 is not the same way it is viewed in Internet Explorer 8 or 7. That is why it is important to keep up to date on which browsers are being updated and which updates and features are being added to browsers.

Analyze your Site

There are many resources available that will let you analyze your viewers; you will be able to gain lots of data on your viewers. For instance, you can easily see how many people are using which browser on your Site, you can see where they are viewing your page, and which pages are being seen most. Of course there are many other features that are available for you to analyze your viewers and if you do manage your website it is crucial to optimize your website for your viewers and to make sure that you’re getting your message across clearly, effectively, and efficiently.

Adjust your site

When you adjust your site to try to make it compatible across different browsers, use resources to make sure you are completing your objective. Adobe Browserlab is a resource that is free until April 2012 and you are able to see your website across many web browsers, and different browser versions. It is a resource I highly recommend.

At Cub Designs we are up to date on which features are compatible which browsers. We are able to optimize your site in order to best achieve your goals. See our portfolio to see some of our latest web releases.

Our goal at Cub Designs is to provide innovative and unique ways to market your company. We provide web design, search engine optimization, graphic design, social media marketing, and email marketing for our customers.

Efficient vs Effective

Efficiency and effectiveness are two words that run close together and are a major part of web development. I like to think of them as salt and pepper, they both do very different things but together they make a very pleasant meal. I like to think of Efficiency as the pepper and Effectiveness as the salt. Peter Drucker defines it as, “Efficiency is doing what is right…Effectiveness is doing the right things”.


This category covers underlying subcategories which can easily be hidden when it is properly done. It covers areas such as site speed, throughput, visits, and so forth. As a web developer, I spend much of my time analyzing this data; making sure that people visit your site, and how engaged they are in your site. The main key to efficiency is in the code, with a clean code and a well thought out layout you are on your way to achieving efficiency. It is not obvious to see when it is executed properly, but when it is done poorly, it sticks out like a sore thumb.


Most people understand Effectiveness, even if you don’t realize it. Effectiveness mainly covers the engagement of the user on your site. For instance, did a user purchase an item on your site, how long did that transaction take, are users satisfied with your website, and what is the return on my investment. When most people think they want a website, they are mostly thinking how can my website be effective.

Both Effectiveness and Efficiency compliment each other, you can not have a successful site by merely concentrating on one area. Contact Us today to get started on your effective, and efficient website.


Our goal at Cub Designs is to provide innovative and unique ways to market your company. We provide web design, search engine optimization, graphic design, social media marketing, and email marketing for our customers.

Promote Your Website Offline

Offline Marketing
It is easy to sometimes get caught up with with optimizing your website for search engines in order to reach new viewers. It is just as important to promote your website offline. Although it is very important to optimize your website for search engines, you can build a nice returning visitor rate by building a relationship with viewers. Promoting your website offline is easy and cost-effective.

Your Site on Paper

Many of you who have websites already own business cards, do invoices, give people some type of paper. Make sure you add your website in an obvious area where people can see your site. Add it to your business cards, invoice statements, estimates, faxes, brochures, thank you cards… etc.

Go to “Coffee Shops”

When I say go to coffee shops, I mean go to places where you can hang out and meet other people. This technique is perfect for people who love to be social. Show your site for others, get feedback and tell your potential customer a little about yourself. Remember that you are that to expose your product not necessarily sell. You don’t want to solicit your product, you want to build a customer relationship. You will meet all sorts of creative people and you will notice that your site viewership will increase with the more people you talk to. Remember people like to put a face with things, and they are more likely to remember websites after having a nice cup of coffee with you.

Promote Your Site and Do A Good Cause

If you are a company who can afford to sponsor non-profit events, it is well worth the money to do a sponsorship. If you sponsor an event you are likely to be put in a program with other sponsors and your company’s goodwill will increase. If you don’t have the funds to give a nonprofit, ask if you could help them in other areas such as promotional items, do a trade with them such as, you send an email to you subscribers promoting their event and they send an email promoting your brand. Nonprofits are always looking for help and generally they are great to work with.

Do Interviews

People are always looking for things to blog, review, write. Find people who would like to write about your product or company. You accomplish two things when doing so, 1) You are building a relationship with a potential direct customer or potential customer channel and 2) If they link up to your site then you are creating back links to your site.

There are other ways to do offline marketing such as billboards and bumper stickers but the list above shows how you can promote your site on a budget. For more information on how to promote your website visit our website at cubdesigns.com. Sign-Up for our Newsletter here to receive great tutorials on Web Design, Development, and Marketing.

New Design Launched

We have finished the redesign for Process Components, Inc. We have been receiving wonderful feedback and look forward to seeing their exposure increase on the internet. To see their new website, go to processcomponents.com. See our web design portfolio to see other sites we’ve designed. Contact us if you are interested in having a professional website designed for you or organization. Cub Designs is a Houston web design, graphic design and online marketing company that works hard for you.

Tips For Quality Content

Building Quality Content

Image Provided by KROMKRATHOG

There are many social media networks available. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish and communicate different networks better optimize your company’s exposure to the Internet. “Content” now includes Social Networks. It is important to remember it’s the quality in your content that matters, not the amount. A website is supposed to have a specific purpose, that includes social networks. There are three things that you should consider when you join a social network.

1. Interact With Customers, not Google

I see many people try to use Celebrity names or top searched items in their posts in hopes that more people will see their post, but in reality unless there is some sort of consistency, your post tends to get lost in the mass. Make your posts unique and communicate with your customers.

2. Don’t join too many social networks

Look at the mission of the site and see if you can use it to best communicate your message. Often, many people join too many social networks and they spend more time trying to be social rather than focusing on their product or service; so choose the social networks that you think your customers will best interact with you.

3. Link to your website.

Your posts can make a big difference in this last tip. There are many sites that communicate the same message you are trying to convey, give yourself credit and let search engines know where a good source is coming from. An easy way is to just put a link to either your homepage or some other page on your website.

For more tips on building quality content contact us to optimize your website. To see more services that we offer see us at cubdesigns.com.