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A question was brought to me the other day from a person who manages his own website, and I thought it was important to explain a few things about web browsers. I also want to explain a few things about how to try to maintain a consistency among browsers. If you would like to be up to date with which browser is most used and which features are being added with browser updates then check the w3.org.

Browser Compatibility

This is probably the hardest part of designing and developing websites. What you see in Safari, is not the same you see in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or any other browser. One of the obvious ways you can notice a difference is if you notice the font. If you open a website in Safari, then Internet Explorer you will see that there are slight differences in the font. There are many things that are different but font is a very obvious way to notice that browsers don’t all show up the same way on every browser. To make things even more complicated, the way you see a website in Internet Explorer 9 is not the same way it is viewed in Internet Explorer 8 or 7. That is why it is important to keep up to date on which browsers are being updated and which updates and features are being added to browsers.

Analyze your Site

There are many resources available that will let you analyze your viewers; you will be able to gain lots of data on your viewers. For instance, you can easily see how many people are using which browser on your Site, you can see where they are viewing your page, and which pages are being seen most. Of course there are many other features that are available for you to analyze your viewers and if you do manage your website it is crucial to optimize your website for your viewers and to make sure that you’re getting your message across clearly, effectively, and efficiently.

Adjust your site

When you adjust your site to try to make it compatible across different browsers, use resources to make sure you are completing your objective. Adobe Browserlab is a resource that is free until April 2012 and you are able to see your website across many web browsers, and different browser versions. It is a resource I highly recommend.

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