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Building Quality Content

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There are many social media networks available. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish and communicate different networks better optimize your company’s exposure to the Internet. “Content” now includes Social Networks. It is important to remember it’s the quality in your content that matters, not the amount. A website is supposed to have a specific purpose, that includes social networks. There are three things that you should consider when you join a social network.

1. Interact With Customers, not Google

I see many people try to use Celebrity names or top searched items in their posts in hopes that more people will see their post, but in reality unless there is some sort of consistency, your post tends to get lost in the mass. Make your posts unique and communicate with your customers.

2. Don’t join too many social networks

Look at the mission of the site and see if you can use it to best communicate your message. Often, many people join too many social networks and they spend more time trying to be social rather than focusing on their product or service; so choose the social networks that you think your customers will best interact with you.

3. Link to your website.

Your posts can make a big difference in this last tip. There are many sites that communicate the same message you are trying to convey, give yourself credit and let search engines know where a good source is coming from. An easy way is to just put a link to either your homepage or some other page on your website.

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