Your Website – Your Asset

Your website is an asset to your company

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their business in productivity, and increase the value of their company.

1) Depending on your business and the use of your website, you can classify your website in different categories on a balance sheet as part of your assets. Either way it’s an efficient way to make your company more valuable. It is suggested that you speak with your bookkeeper on where you can place your website.

2) Return on Investment – we understand that you need to make a return on your investment. Having a professional website gives a better image of your company and will increase your sales. Let’s assume that your sales increase an additional 5% because of your website. And let’s also assume that you make an average of $100,000 net sales (before adding a website). Both of these assumptions are way below the actual national average, but you can see that with an additional 5% increase in sales you will make an additional $5,000 in your first year. That will cover the cost of most web designs.

Cub Designs works around you, and we work hard to make sure you get the return on your investment fast! Contact us today to get your website running!